Relentless Coffee Roasters was founded by Daniel Choiseul Paguaga and Andre Villarreal in Miami, Florida in 2013. Relentless Roasters goes beyond the concept of roasting specialty coffee. It is our tradition, vision and passion for great tasting coffee, fueled by the cultivation of long-lasting relationships with coffee producers, which ensures that our quality standard of coffee is unlike any other. We believe in the notion that every coffee drinker deserves a more enjoyable and educating coffee experience. Because RR cares about responsibly grown and ethically traded coffee, RR views its coffee to have unmatched value not only for the consumer, but equally for the producer. 


As the origin of our first roasted coffees, Nicaragua is home to a vast amount of coffee farms spread amongst various different regions. As in most coffee producing nations, the altitude is a key factor in determining where to find specialty coffee along with other variables. In Nicaragua the highest mountains are located in the Nueva Segovia region, which is settled just south of the Honduran border. Nueva Segovia houses various different coffee farms in this high mountainous region, all of which stand out for its elevation from other regions in Nicaragua. Typically in this Nueva Segovia region, the mountains in which most coffee farms reside have a very difficult terrain in which to produce big quantities of coffee, which sparked the focus in quality versus a focus on quantity (or alternatively described as “yield”). This is the reason behind the easy transition into the specialty coffee world for most coffees from this region. 

Being that this region houses the highest mountains in Nicaragua, it forced many local producers to experiment with various varietals of coffee from all over the world to ensure they were planting the best option for their specific farm. It is not out of the ordinary to find different varietals such as Pacamara, Maracaturra, Maragohype, Catuai, and various others which are very different than Caturra, which is traditionally grown in this region. These exotic varietals have been putting Nicaragua in the spot light for exceptional coffees and is finally breaking Nicaragua free of the stigma that it only produced a sub-par coffee.


Nicaraguan specialty coffee producers are undergoing a coffee renaissance. Producers are throwing away bad habits and adopting new modern techniques to realize an even better cup of coffee. Producers are even experimenting with different coffee processing methods such as natural and honey processing, as opposed to the customary washed coffee processing. Being that Nicaragua is one of the safest Latin American countries to travel to right now, it is very common for coffee roasters and other coffee professionals to visit during the harvest season to get a real taste of what it means to produce coffee and have an exchange with the producers. These collaborations push the development within the Nicaraguan nation but also allow for advancements to be transferred to other producing nations to help ensure we all produce amazing coffees. 

We’re looking forward to building direct relationships with other producers and producing nations in the near future. We’ll be sure to add another reflection on new single origin coffees and countries to give credit to the amazing work taking place around the world.